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Welcome to morrysillusion.net! I'm Morry and this is my own personal lil web page. It will mostly be for archiving projects, blogs, and whatever other things I like a lot and want to talk about here.

Any graphics (stamps, banners) you are free to grab and use. You are free to use any fandom art I have made for personal use or free purposes (icons, banners, website image) too with credit somewhere on your webpage.

Please know this page is not made with mobile in mind, it should be viewable but has not been optimized and may not function 100%. It was made with firefox in mind, on a windows computer, and uses minimal javascript.

If you're enjoying my page, dont be afraid to say hi in the shoutbox, or send me an email if you wanna chat! (or go follow my social media too, I guess)

i will fill this box...later.




Way later stuff: