Into 2023

December 30th 2022

I'm Listening to: Apologies To Insect Life by Sea Power

I'm feeling: Content

I'm playing/watching: minecraft

Well, only one full day left before we head into 2023... This year has been a lot. 2021 was spent with a ton of time in therapy due to the pandemic, and this year felt like the struggle to dig myself out of the slump the pandemic put me in. Its been hard- 2021 was loads of fun as I spent a full year playing warrior cats RP, and yeah, it was fun. But trying to push back through into adult life? Not easy. I wrote this blog after making my 2022 Art Summary, which describes some struggles I faced this year, mostly regarding where I dropped wcrp as a whole. But my god did I do a lot and no matter the struggles I am pretty damn happy.

I moved out- I live alone, in a house. I moved in March so its almost been a solid year, and its wild to know I did this at all after so much time thinking I couldn't, but I am in a good place and lucky enough to be able to afford this. It was undoubetly something I needed for my mental health and while I still have mental illness issues, it's been infinitely better on me to be independant.

I would have way too much to summarize about this year if I tried. But if you're reading, I love you, and thank you for coming by to my website this year- this is the year I also learned HTML/CSS and learned to code, and while the holiday months have been too chaotic for me to dedicate time to the site right now, this has been such an important part of 2022 for me.

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