Intro to...

May 3rd 2022

Hello! This is the first blog, just a run down of whats going on and what I plan to do. Right now I have set up this one blog, the "general" blog. My site will have other dedicated blog spaces- specifically this one, one for OC stories (they will arrive as story pages arrive), and one for media reviews/analysis in the fandom category (and potentially additional blogs for specific fandoms' fan pages).

Heres the thing. I like talking, a lot. It may sound like an abundance of specific blogs but, it'll make navigation much easier. Come to this one to see my rambles of life, thoughts, updates, etc etc. Maybe I will talk about my site plans, important life moments (with some redacted info), music, something I saw that day... who knows. Just stuff. It may be sporadic, because while I do like writing, I do take a good long moment to actually write these lengthy blogs, and I have other things I am doing too. So it will depend.

So! If you want to talk to me about the things I write, pleae feel free to reach out to me on the outgoing links, especially my email (, as I love talking with others!!