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August 8th

I'm Listening to:Against the Kitchen Floor by Will Wood

I'm feeling: tired

I'm playing/watching: Minecraft

Well I am not going to make this a blog about how inactive I have been with the site (trying new meds, its making me suuuper tired) but I'm back to blab about some things, and i do hope to find some time to get on new pages for the website soon!

I've been teetering on some different fixations while I try to push through the rut I have been in, and for a bit now minecraft has been intriging me again- I talked in the past about how I used to watch minecraft a lot and i did play it too, but I kind of stopped in 2015 or so. And when I did play I was on a modded server, so it wasn't vanilla, and I wasn't really building things.

But I have more so been interested in modding video games (and in turn, game dev overall) and with all the stuff I was watching its really made me want to look into it even more. My direction is all over the place though- and thats definitely a woe of ADHD... But game modding feels 'less' intimidating in the sense I am not making a game, and can hopefully focus on various methods and langauges depending on what it is. Of course, I don't know anything outside of html/css right now sooo I have quite a ways to go before I figure things out. But heres to hoping I can stick to something for a bit.

to start with i set up a quite fabric minecraft server, which took no time at all. its funny what things seemed like magic when you were a child only to realize they took a few clicks? years back in beta 1.7 my brother and I made a minecraft server, but I know we didn't set that up alone and it seemed so hard to do way back then. Of course, it was a bit different then too.

outside of that i have been kinda making youtube videos (not too much with my lacking energy). A while ago i shared my first new video on my main channel, about Disco Elysium, and I hope to make more videos like that but it may be a bit before I get to the next one... aside I am also recording some simple gameplay videos on my secondary channel to have something else to do, and hopefully work on casual commentary/speaking.