Mascot alien! Site theme!

October 4th

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I have had a scattered last few weeks- some ups and downs with the medication I am on, and I know I have really been wanting to work on my website more... I am in the middle of a new about page, but while doing it I kinda realized I really want to alter some looks on my site. I enjoy the current colors and layout, buuuut I made the landing page with the goal of themeing my website a little more. Seperating Coffini Outlet and my Home was why- and I have always deeply enjoyed web pages that feel like you're walking into some other world. Greeting messages, backgrounds, images etc that try to immerse you in the theme the webmaster has created.

My main hold off was 1) drawing the things to make it look that way 2) solidifying the mascot/sona i had in mind to put all around my website! You have seen it around alredy, first as a Spore gif on the landing page. I liked the look of the spore gif and I may return with other spore stuff for it, but it was still a placeholder design wise. I needed a look that I knew I would enjoy drawing, and could really capture the alien look I wanted.

It took a while, as my art block has been strong... but I finally finished the design a few weeks ago! I would have posted earlier but I kept wanting to have a proper "art gallery" before sharing here. But that'll take a bit so, here it is!

[ Full size download on DA ]

This is the guy! (it/he) sona, mascot, whatever. Based on the spore version I made first- I will remake this guy in Spore soon to better bit this look. At the moment there is no lore other than being a space explorer (i will design some kinda... space suit too, sometime) but thats kinda all I am going off of for the site aesthetic I have in mind.

I want the site to kinda fit the 'floating through space' vibes of a space explorer... I may alter my home page colors sightly for this, but I'm thinking of a starry background, and some kind of scrolling/floating images or gifs to help set the scene (whether its mikike, or other things like stars and planets!). I may lean in more to Spore for some of this too, perhaps editted backgrounds of planets or space stage, etc. The thing is, I would love to make everything from scratch if i had the energy for it... but If we are talking about background, extra gifs, images, etc to make it all look good?? its a lot. and its kinda why i struggle to do more right now.

so, i can't really give much in the way of site updates, but i thought id ramble about my thoughts and also share Mikike!! because i love him. I apologize for not having all my art on my site yet, its something i want to make sure will be efficient for the future and not a nightmare (i dont want.. walls of img src bits everywhere for every drawing). but if anyone wants to learn more about mikike feel free to ask on my tumblr or send me an email. (adding that at this point? i am primarily on tumblr only in terms of "social" media... i dont like updating twitter much, i dont use instagram... yea)

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