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About the captain (me!)

ALIASES: Morry, MKC, Morei, Morey, Morry's Illusion, Herra

PAST ALIASES (from most recent to oldest): moreyytilatot, moreiytilatot, singlemaltscotch, nippingatyournose, spikeinthepunch, frostybutt, redmutt(z), alexi23, cyy-evee, ashkaosuwolf, wolffang664123(99), midnight66412399

DOB: 2/14/1999

ATTRIBUTES: Aquarius Sun, Ascendant Leo, Aquarius Moon, intj, shadowclan

You want to know a little more...?

Well hello, and welcome to my (currently barren) website. My name is Morry, I am an adult on the internet trying to make a little space just for myself and what I love.

You'll find all kinds of things here, but mostly all my creative endevours and interests! I love drawing, writing, and making music (sometimes). And I have lots of interest in animation, cartoons, video games etc etc. Lots of things I want to talk about will be thrown across this website.

At the moment i live in Southern California, just trying to figure out what the hell I am doing... My life expirience remains limited in my early adult years, not at all helped by the pandemic that halted all I planned to do 2020-onwards. So I live alone, trying to navigate my life from where it is. I would love to get into animation production (I had a production internship at Cartoon Network in 2019) and do art on the side, drawing what I please and if people happen to enjoy it too that would make me happy.

I enjoy lots of things but love exploration of psychological themes, existesnialism, etc. I listen to lots of music and attach heavily to chaotic, off beat sounds and intriging lyrical writing. Even though I love finding new things to love, I am incredibly picky with media and don't often start new things unless it really hooks me... But my pickiness is often what drives me to create! If I haven't seen it made, then I want to make it myself. Of course, the speed at which I actually fulfill those thoughts is... sporadic.

At the moment this is all I have to say about myself... Dig into the depths of my website and you will learn a lot more, I am sure.

About your destination (the webpage!)

While I was born 1999, I grew up in a way quite similar to those who were already old enough to be on a PC in the 90s. I was a little late to the party, but 2000-2010 was the period i was exposed to the internet and it was very much still in that era of 'older web', less dominated by social media and coporations. I hung out on forums and other indie sites, explored the web by clicking through various links, etc. When iphones came out I failed to have one, and so did most of my friends (i only got a smartphone in 2014). I got an ipod touch eventually but aside I lived a pretty contained internet prescense away from the big sites for some time (until Deviantart started growing). Eventually I hopped on instagram, then tumblr, then twitter. I spend most of my day online, but it was until a few years ago I started to feel the weight of everything About social media start to weight down on me... I started removing certain apps or shoving them to the depths of my phone so I wouldn't tap them so easily. It was nice, to not click on instagram or twitter so much. I took longer breaks from them but would still go back on them.

Now however, in the most recent years have I learned that I really just dont want to be on the social media sites. Seeing people spring up with their own websites or even forums really inspired me. Not only is it to detach from social media, but I have always struggled greatly with where my art "belongs". With art websites fading out of existense and all kinds of rules on NSFW material, it is impossible to feel secure when one place you thought was okay suddenly won't allow it anymore, or sites that do allow it have incredibly gross and sketchy people running it... I want a place that is just mine, so I have no anxieties over whether or not I can host something I made!

I thought for a long time i just "missed" that era of 90s-2005 full of personal websites. That It was "gone" and no one was doing it, and that I would never have the skills to do it anyways. But that is not true! It seems the scene is repawning, it coming back to life. Not only that, but HTML is probably the easiest thing you could learn when it comes to coding! I was always vaguely familiar with it due to my time on forums and tumblr themes, and sitting down to properly learn it took be about a week. Once I got the basics, it wasn't hard for me to google other things I didn't know and then just learn more.

So what will this website be? What will it become? Well, aside from hosting my art, interest, etc. I have much bigger plans for this website as a whole. From hosting my own forums, to hosting a web server entirely on my own- I want to make this little corner of the internet MINE. Neocities has sparked something great in all the users who have joined here, but I do want to disconnect from even Neocities and I luckily have the resources to do that. I plan to disconnect from big corp sites more so as I get further into developing this space. So please stick around and see where this goes, and join me too! Go make your own website. It doesn't have to look fancy.

I learned HTML and CSS on this website. Which I personally liked a lot over others, since it more direct makes you code before proceeding. Hands on stuff is much easier for me, and sites that too easily allowed me to copy/paste results didn't teach me much because I was just copying and not writing. Once I went through the HTML and CSS courses here, I started making my site! Anything else, I just searched.