About the webmaster


Hello, my name is Morry. I have my own website over at morrysillusion.net.

I am actually quite young to have ever been into Shmootzie's music when he was active... I was probably 13-14 when he died, and had only just become interested in Circus Contraption around that time. Still, I really loved Circus Contraption but particularly liked the way Shmootzie sang and performed. My ears picked him out specifically. I wanted to look into him more... and so I came across God's Favorite Beefcake from there. His style isn't what most people think I'd listen to either! I primarily listen to punk, hardcore, metal, etc... but my dad has been on the side of Americana music for a long time and I have enjoyed folk before. Of course I have been incredibly sad about the fact I never got to see him in person-- and how him and his music was so unknown. Circus Contraption had its cult following, but even so it was not that popular...

In time I have really started to see how important it is to archive things. While I am very young compared to many Shmootzie fans, I have been on the internet for a long time and I have seen things go down and become lost too many times. I saw Circus Contraption's website go down and I knew this kind of thing may not last forever. People say anything your put online will be there forever (as a warning to posting racy images usually) but this is not true at all. Things become lost, websites break, platforms go down... And with artists who are even less known, it is far more likely their internet presence will vanish in time.

On this page I hope to respectfully create an archive of Shmootzie's work. Saving videos, music, and other information or history. Please reach out to me at mkc@morrysillusion.net

Why is this page so plain/just basic html?

One other important thing about archiving on the web is making sure your website will work. I may give this page some simple css with colors at some point, but plain ol' html will work forever! so i dont need to worry about the future of this website.