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6/28/2022: new blog over in Coffini Outlet!

6/25/2022: i finally made a new site stamp!

6/24/2022: blog with resources to abortion funds and other organizations HERE!

6/23/2022: new game review in Coffini Outlet!

6/22/2022: oops. quietly putting my UTAU homepage on the sidebar lol... didnt realize I hadnt linked it there since i revamped the home page!

6/22/2022: New general update blog over here! And much thanks for almost 10k views!

6/19/2022: New blog in Coffini Outlet. Still having issues getting some pages to respond well to mobile layout, consider it an ongoing WIP

6/14/2022: quick update for my about page, it should function now. Also added loads of buttons for sites i follow but i probably didnt get every one, so lemme know if you have a button! Will hopefully get to making some new buttons for my site soon...

6/13/2022: OH BOY!! New homepage! New landing page! Let me know if anything is broken!! (and yes the new bg is pixel-y)

6/9/2022: NEW page for my UTAU voicebanks! here!

6/6/2022-6/7/2022: implemented iframes to Coffini Outlet and the general Blog!

5/26/2022: Some minor changes to the homepage, popup alert for 18+ content, and full content warnings page added.

5/22/2022: New blog to my personal blog!!

5/19/2022: New blog post to to my personal blog!

5/15/2022: New page! Working on fandom stuff, decided to get my "general fandom" blog up and ready.

5/15/2022: Forgot to mention I added a background! It may change once I have more art to add.

[ updates past this point have been removed ]